Privacy Policy


  1. CUSA maintains all the data pertaining to its client in a secure manner, with electronic protections in place as provided by the Host which fits internet-accessible data.
  2. CUSA does not provide any of the client data to any third parties outside the scope of credentialing.
  3. All transfer or dissemination of client confidential data is accomplished by the client, and or others who work directly for the client.
  4. Any transfer of client-specific data, which is performed by the client, is performed at the risk of the client. By performing any such transfer, said transfer is at the peril of the client
  5. By commencing any storage on CUSA system, client waives any claims it may have at that time, or ever in the future, arising from any loss of control of client's person information, likenesses, imagery or data.
  6. All transactions placed through a Credentialing USA, Inc. Website will be directed to our Merchant then the transaction will take place. No transaction information is collected or stored on CUSA's website.