Our Mission

Our mission at Credentialing USA is to respect and serve the health care community by securely preparing credentialing, digitizing, organizing, verifying and protecting your credentialing documentation.

Our Passion

CUSA was born with passion in the heart of Lavonne McKee, who started in the credentialing field as a secretary for the South Dakota Board of Medical and Osteopathic Examiners back in 1993.  The SDBMOE is where she was introduced to credentialing, as a secretary, simply looking up names of professional schools out of thick reference books. From 1994-2004 time was taken to raise her family. Early in 2004, the credentialing world was reentered from a clinics perspective, working directly with the providers.  A realization and greater passion grew to help those that help others.

As her career progresses, so do the changes in credentialing. The rules and regulations continue to evolve and are passed down with the trickle effect at the national level, government level, accrediting agencies, hospitals, clinics, insurance and finally the provider. The provider is left to figure out the changes for oneself with little to no directly from the top. As providers continue to help people in crisis and through illnesses, a great passion and drive was found to create a secure personable service in credentialing.

Today we serve providers nationwide with a personal passion for each provider. Also as a part of our foundation at CUSA we have a special passion for those that provide mission oriented healthcare to patients across the world.